About Us

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Our story

O’Grady’s Auto Solutions is one of the very first companies in Ireland to become paint protection film installers, and unlike many other counterparts, offer their customers a 10-year warranty on all of their paint protection film applications.

Whether you are an individual or a car dealership who wants to try to protect the value of their vehicles, paint protection film is the most effective way of protecting vehicles from road damages. This thin invisible bra is designed to save cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and other types of vehicles protecting against day to day paint damages. The film forms an invisible shield that can be waxed and maintained just like your paint to maintain the original high gloss shine of modern vehicles. This durable material has been used successfully for years by various auto manufacturers, individual vehicle buyers, track race teams in rock chip prone areas and has shown to be very effective.

At O’Grady’s Auto Solutions we use cutting-edge paint protection kit technology. Our products are designed by state-of-the-art research and design departments who relentlessly develop superior products that provide the ultimate solution to protect your vehicle from paint and light damage. Our mission is to provide superior service and support for our customers while being entirely dedicated to applying our products to vehicles at the highest level.