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Our camping experiences began with a van that was meant to be used for storage when going surfing, paddle boarding, mountain biking and other fun events! After travelling so much, we realised how convenient it would be to convert the van into a camper! This way we could chill out at a campsite nearby after our activities. And that’s how our van conversions began…

It was only during the first van conversion that we realised how much was involved and how difficult it was to get items suitable for our van so we started to research what people really needed most and came up with a list of products that people would be interested in. Since then we have been supplying for customers from all over, most actually come to see us in person to check out our own latest conversions and to see how our products can be installed and used. Some even ask us to install windows for them on the day (it may take a couple of days for this depending on what you need to be done). With a background in the auto industry already including vehicle wrapping, vehicle conversions and fixings for over 40 years, it wasn’t too difficult to figure out how these installations are done. It has definitely been an enjoyable journey so far and seeing other people’s conversions and listening to their travelling experiences is always fun!

Would I recommend giving it a try? Definitely! If you have an interest in travelling, exploring, family trips, and taking part in outdoor activities then you will wonder how you managed before you had a campervan!

Our location: Co.Mayo, Ireland